The Pizza authority in Penrith and surrounding suburbs since 2001.

Today, many years after we served our first slice, we’re just as passionate about our food as ever, serving up the same great pizza & pasta.

More than just spectacular flavour:

Our amazing team is like a big family, we strive to look after every customer while they are stuck into simple delicious food, created using superbly sourced ingredients.

Only the best

We understand our Penrith clientelle wants to savour nothing but the best food, so we work hard to deliver meals of the highest quality by making sure only the best ingredients go into dishes.

About the products

All our products are sourced from the most reputable suppliers in Sydney.

The Mozzarella cheese range we use in our pizzas is an all-natural cheese, imported straight from California (USA) and made with pasteurised grade ‘A’ milk, , salt, enzymes and absolutely NO artificial hormones or animal rennet.

All of our sauces are home made. We also bake our own beef lasagna.

Our salami range which is made from finely chopped pork and hand picked seasoning, then delicately smoked to give it a mild flavour and smooth texture.

Most of our other small goods like shredded ham, cabanossi and salami to name a few are gluten free.